Public Service Day Lesson Plan

The UN Public Service Day, June 23rd, celebrates the value and virtue of public service. 



The UN Public Service Day celebrates the value and virtue of pubic service to the community highlighting the contribution of public services in the development process, recognizing the work of public servants, and encourages young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

Students read the following two stories to learn more about young heroes making a difference in the world.  Consider what you and your class can do to make a positive impact and share your story with MY HERO.

Greta Thunberg

By: MY HERO Staff

On the first day, Greta Thunberg, a climate activist with aspbergers, protested outside of Swedish Parliament alone. Now, she's leading 1.5 million students globally.

Emma Gonzalez

By: Analeah Mafnas

Having survived the February 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Florida, Emma co-founded the gun-control groups Never Again and March for Our Lives.

Great for ESL/EFF Students 

This story is available in text and audio so students can listen and read along.

Students read the story about Bilaal Rajan who is passionate about child rights and equality around the world.  He works to make the world a better place for disadvantaged children.  After reading the essay, consider the discussion questions and activity below.

Bilaal Rajan

By: Sean from Richmond Hill

Bilaal Rajan is the founder of Making Change Now and Canada's child ambassador to UNICEF.

Discussion Questions and Activities

1. From the time  Bilaal Rajan was 4 years old, he has worked to make the world a better place for disadvantaged children. What causes do you feel passionately about? What can you do?  
2. Bilaal believes that together we can make a difference. What are some things your class can do to make a difference? Choose a cause, work together and share the story of your class making a difference with MY HERO.

Students read the story about John Rose, the founder of Waves for Water, and watch the film to learn how Waves for Water helped after the Nepal earthquake. Consider the discussion questions.

Jon Rose

By: David Kelly

Jon Rose founded Waves for Water, which works on the front-line to provide clean water.

Waves for Water - Nepal Earthquake

Produced by:Hurley

Jon Rose and Waves For Water's Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort. (Running Time 4:30 minutes)

Discussion Questions and Activities

1. What motivated Jon Rose to devote his life to bringing relief to those suffering from contaminated water?

2. Research what causes limited access to clean water and the effect that has on the people who live there. 

3. Students brainstorm ways they can help people have access to clean water and create an action plan. 

4.  Students are encouraged to share the story of their efforts to bring clean water to those who need it with MY HERO.



Learning Outcomes

Students will deepen their awareness about how one person can make a difference. Students will develop research and critical thinking skills as they explore the issue of clean water. Students are encouraged to create an action plan for what they can do to make a positive difference in the lives of others.



Laura Nietzer

The Public Service Day lesson plan was created by MY HERO Teacher and Learning Circle Director Laura Nietzer.

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