Jill Pyle

by Sammy from Wilmington

A special project. (I took this picture.)
A special project. (I took this picture.)

My hero is Jill Pyle, aka my mom. She is my hero because she was my teacher and she taught me a lot of the things that I need to know and that helped me get to where I am today. My mom also helped me with my school work when it was hard for me. She does lots of stuff for me to make me happy! My mom helps a lot of people because she is a teacher at the Elementary Workshop Montessori School, and teaches the people in her class the stuff that they need to know. I think that all teachers are heroes because they help kids know the things that they need to know.

Jill raised money for St. Jude's Hospital to help the sick people get better. At the Elementary Workshop, my mom, Jill, asks all the kids in the school, except the little kids, if they can do this thing called the Math-a-thon to raise money for St. Jude's Hospital. I think that it is a very nice thing that my mom thinks about other people and not just herself.

Jill rides 75 miles on a bike to raise money for M.S. She gets very tired afterwards, but she is very happy to raise money for M.S. M.S. stands for Multiple Sclerosis. My mom also donates money to the World Wildlife Fund.

Jill works at a Montessori school. She loves working there because she works with more than one age group. Jill likes having more than one age group because some kids can be leaders, and some can be followers. She also likes it because the kids can be independent learners, and the kids have freedom to explore the classroom.

I am so glad that there are teachers because if there were not any teachers, then I would not know what I know today, and that is why I think teachers are heroes just like my mom. My mom would do almost anything to make all the sick people get better and that makes my mom more of a hero to me.

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