Young Heroes

Queen and Anie

by Saffiýah Ramos from Chicopee, Massachusetts in United States

My voice is a symbol of peace and encouragement. I seek help for my own BLACK I bring youth with my rap BLACK We´re non-violent, but we preach what we teach BLACK Raps and youth we come along for all BLACK Hate me nor love me, but I speak just in my rap BLACK We wont tolerate to be silence, we worked to hard BLACK We are BLACK

My hero is Queen and Anie. Queen and Anie are heroes because they both take a stand against police. Queen and Anie are both young black heroes who try to use their voice and the youth community and fight for what's right. For example they rap about the inequality in America for all black people. They are considered heroes because they stand for justice for all, no matter what, but they are non-violent as well.

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