Queen Elizabeth

by Erina from Pristina

To be a hero I think the qualities a person needs are kindness, bravery, and confidence. First of all, you need to be kind, because you want people to respect, trust, and listen to you. Another quality is bravery. You must stand up for your rights. Finally, the last quality is confidence if you want to make speeches and tell the world what you think you have to be confident about that. In my opinion if you have these qualities, I think you will be a great hero. 

My hero is Queen Elizabeth; she used to rule the United Kingdom until she passed away on September 8, 2022. One important reason why Queen Elizabeth is my hero is because she joined the British Army at the age of 18 for a short time during World War 2. Another reason why Queen Elizabeth is important is because she supported over 600 Charities. These included some large national charities such as the NSPCC. The last reason why Queen Elizabeth is important is that she has lots of confidence like Queen Elizabeth has given so many speeches to the world.             

Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, in Bruton Street, London. When Queen Elizabeth was a child, she was not able to go to school since she was a princess. One important life event that Queen Elizabeth had was her ascension to the throne and her Coronation in 1952 1953.  Another important life event that Queen Elizabeth had was that she owned over 30 corgis in total which is a dog originally from Wales. Another important life event Queen Elizabeth had was her walkabout and a walkabout is an informal stroll among a crowd conducted by an important visitor. Queen Elizabeth got married to  Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten on November 20th April 2021.  

Queen Elizabeth's family is Margaret Duke and Duchess of York and lots more. Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle United Kingdom  

An important thing Queen Elizabeth accomplished was when she joined the army and fought for her country in the world war. She fought for her country and people which made her stronger and more independent.

The hardest thing Queen Elizabeth faced when she became Queen was the royal men thought she was not fit to be a Queen. They used to ignore Queen Elizabeth because Queen Elizabeth was a female ruler and they thought that a female couldn't rule the kingdom.

In conclusion, a hero needs three qualities, and those qualities are kindness, bravery, and confidence and, in my opinion, Queen Elizabeth has all of those qualities and I hope you think the same.  

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