Ray Kurzweil

by Matt from Whitehouse

My hero is Ray Kurzweil. He developes new technologies that are going to make our lives in the future more technologically oriented. Ray Kurzweil is developing the technology of the future.

For anyone who has seen the movie "The Matrix", it is about humans in the future living their lives in a virtual reality. This man has developed the technology to make this so called fiction movie a reality. He has also written many books on these technologies and how they can be used. They are very interesting and explain many scientific theories and how they lead up to thechnology today. One of his best books is called "The Age Of Spiritual Machines."

You may think that this is an impossible task, but it can all be done with modern science and the technology that this man had developed. The great thing about this new technology is that he has used it to help others.

Many people in this world are born with a birth defect called cerebral palsy. This disease attacks the brain cells in the people that it effects. With this technology Ray Kurzweil was able to replace these brain cells with digital ones that were controlled with computers. The patient had a full recovery when the computer program was executed, telling the digital cells to transmit the proper signals to the designated parts of the body. The digital neural transmitters took place of the analogue ones which were damaged.

This man is a hero to me because he gives people with incurable diseases the chance to live. This man also attached a digital hearing system to a man who was deaf. He gives people the chance to live a normal life and he does it through technology, not medicine but computers.

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Extra Info

I am a Freshman at Hunterdon Central High School. I am very interested in new technologies and like to research what the technologies of the future are going to be. Ray Kurzweil cought my attention after I saw him on television making a presentation from the White House on artificial intelligence and what the future of virtual reality will be. This was what interested me in him.