Randell Adjei

by Boubou Traore from Toronto, Ontario in Canada

Did you know that Randell Adjei is the founder of one of the largest and longest running youth programs? Randell Adjei was born in Ghana August 29th and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Randell adjei is an author, inspirational speaker and a community leader and I will be talking about what he can do.

Randell Adjei went to high school in Scarborough, Ontario and he was the valedictorian of his class. After he graduated one night after heading home he was attacked and robbed. He became really depressed about what happened to him but he slowly fought back. He became stronger after this. He then started to write poetry and become a better artist.  

Randell Adjei is an author and in 2018, R.I.S.E received the Mayor's Youth Arts Award from the Toronto Arts Foundation. He was recognized for writing I Am Not My Struggles, which is a powerful anthology that was released in 2018.He is also an inspirational speaker who writes inspirational poems. He is best known for his poems about his stolen tongue where he speaks about his oppression as a black man. 

Randell Adjei is an inspiration to us all because he kept trying even when things were hard. He turned his life from a negative to a positive by fighting for himself. He’s a successful artist and motivational speaker who has received many awards. Randell is a black man from Toronto who shows us that we should always believe in ourselves. 


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