by Mark from Glendale

He saves others' lives.
My dad is in the kitchen.  (I drew it by myself.)
My dad is in the kitchen. (I drew it by myself.)

Let me tell you about my hero. He is Raymond, my 37 year-old dad. He works for money for our family by being a doctor. He buys food and clothes for us. Even if he works until 5:00 P.M., he still plays with me and helps me with projects. He is helpful because if there is something I don’t understand, he helps me look it up. He is brave, too. He helps people that have infections. He saves others’ lives by giving them the right medicine. He is my hero because one time I got a blister, and he called my mom to get medicine. I was glad he was with me. Since I also want to be a doctor, too, he gives me advice. But mostly, he loves me. I love him, too, and that’s a fact I don’t want to forget.

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