Refugees are people who have fled war, violence, conflict, persecution, or natural disaster and have crossed an international border to find safety in another country. Discussion questions and suggested activities are located throughout this resource.

Refugee Crisis Resources
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The Following Short Film is Appropriate For All Grade Levels

After watching the following PSA New Together, students consider a time they were new to something to gain a better understanding of how a person immigrating from another country would feel.    

New Together

Produced by:Max Landwirth
For World Refugee Day, let's face the new together and stand with refugees.

The Following Resources are Recommended for Middle and High School Students

Learn more about refugees and the obstacles they face by watching the following short films.


No exit: Jordan’s most vulnerable refugees -

Produced by:Liz Mermin | Thomson Reuters Foundation

Jayne Fleming, the leader of the Reed Smith Refugee Protection Project,  offers legal and psychosocial support to some of Jordan’s most vulnerable refugees. (running time 9:56 minutes)

Bashir's Dream

Produced by:RYOT Films, DYAD

Bashir's Dream centers around Qusai Bashir Masaama, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee in Jordan who was shot in the back by a sniper while on a candy run. (running time 4:45 minutes)

Three Lives Being Lived in Zaatari Refugee Camp

Produced by:World Food Programme

Forced to adapt to new lives as refugees in Jordan's Zaatari camp, these three Syrians are making the best of things and staying positive. (running time 3:52 minutes)

An Ordinary Day At Zaatari Refugee Camp

Produced by:Produced by: WFP / Directed by: WFP
An Ordinary Day At Zaatari Refugee Camp


Produced by:Unicef Television
Families who are innocent victims of the civil war in Syria seek refuge in an alien country.


Produced by:Dir. Christian Als & Kristoffer Juel

Knowing they may never be able to return home, many refugees have decided to set out on the dangerous and perilous journey for a new life in Europe.

Noisia - Mantra

Sil van der Woerd

This expressionistic film offers the point of view of the refugees in crisis. Mantra chronicles the dangerous obstacles refugees face on their journeys. (running time 4:09 min)

5400 Children

Morgen Arguelles
A strong statement about child separation at the U.S. / Mexico border and its impact on knowledgeable youth that are watching its government's policies in action.

The Refugee Protection Project

Produced by:Plan Rwanda / Directed by Ramon Sanchez Orense
Contributing to the well-being of nearly 75,000 refugees

What are some of the causes of the refugee crisis?

What are some challenges refugees face?

Learn about Dr. Hawa Abdi who opened her family's land to refugees during the civil war in Somalia, providing safety. 

Dr. Hawa Abdi - The Mother of Hope Village

By: Nicole

Dr. Hawa Abdi turned her family's land into a hospital to serve displaced Somalians during the civil war.

Vital Voices: Hawa Abdi

Produced by:Aaron Kisner
Dr. Hawa Abdi is Somalia's first female gynecologist. When the central government collapsed in 1989, Dr. Abdi's one-room clinic on her family farm began treating and housing local people fleeing the fighting.


Students analyze the mural below depicting refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, and Iraq.

After reading the short description of the three refugees, who now live in Maryland, students are encouraged to research the causes of the refugee crisis in each of these countries. 

The Global Refugee Mural

By: Joel Bergner

The Global Refugee Mural created by Joel Bergner with Action Ashe! Global Mural Project is in Maryland

Stories About Refugees

How a refugee turned mayor seeks to transcend politics of divisiveness

By: Christa Case Bryant - CSM Staff writer

Hyeonseo Lee

By: Eva Gravin
North Korean Hyeonseo Lee hid in China for 10 years before guiding her family and herself to South Korea for asylum.


By: Rejina Rai

Rejina's Nepalese grandfather was forced to leave Butan with only the clothes on his back. 

The following stories have text and audio allowing students to listen as they read along.

Judith Ann Mayotte

By: Monica Olson
Judith Ann Mayotte is a former Catholic nun, television producer and humanitarian who wrote "Disposable People? The Plight of Refugees" in 1992.

Team Refugee

By: Rachelle from Riley

Suggested Activity:

Do students know anyone who is a refugee or a family member who was a refugee? Interview them about their experience and share their story with MY HERO through film, story, or art using MY HERO's Create Program.  Click here for a tutorial on MY HERO's Digitial Storytelling Tools. 

Stories from the Christian Science Monitor

Ukrainian Refugees

The help-a-refugee way to save Ukraine

By: CSM Editorial Board
Generosity toward the war’s refugees, especially nonUkrainians, helps counter Russia’s excuse for the invasion.

As Israel takes in Ukrainian Jews, some ask: Should it do more?

By: Dina Kraft, CSM Contributor
Creating refuge for Ukrainian Jews in Israel.

Ukraine refugees met with outpouring of compassion

By: Stephen McGrath Associated Press

Help for Ukrainian refugees, from Russians

By: Amelia Newcomb CSM Managing Editor @AmeliaNewcomb
Some Russians are supporting Ukrainian refugees

Mapping Ukraine: Rapid displacement and a flood of global help

By: Mark Trumbull, CSM Staff writer and Jacob Turcotte, CSM Graphics editor
View the Ukrainian conflict here through graphics – to show the scale of human displacement and aid in response.

For Ukrainian refugee children, add another necessity: Books

By: April Austin, CSM Weekly deputy editor, Books editor
Poland’s Universal Reading Foundation gives books to Ukrainian refugee children in Poland.

As they aid Ukrainians, Russians abroad struggle with their own identity

By: Sara Miller Llana, CSM Staff writer • Lenora Chu, CSM Special correspondent
For the Russian-speaking diaspora, the war in Ukraine has brought a strong desire to help Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees push westward, feeling both relief and sorrow

By: Martin Kuz CSM Correspondent @MartinKuz
In Lviv, the last major city before the Polish border, a crush of Ukrainian refugees is relieved to be safe but anguished about all they’ve left behind as they rush toward the unknown

Click on the image below to discover how you can support the relief efforts for Ukraine.

How to Support Relief Efforts in Ukraine

By: Deborah Neff, MY HERO Staff writer

What is the status of Ukrainian refugees today? Where have they settled and how have people in other countries helped them adjust to their new surroundings? What organizations are helping them? 

Additional Refugee Stories From the Christian Science Monitor

James Malish / Daily Refugees Stories / From inside a Ugandan camp, one refugee helps others tell their stories

By: John Okot, CSM Correspondent

Sponsor Circle opens hearts and homes to Afghan refugees

By: By Cathryn J. Prince CSM Contributor
Afghan refugees are finding their resilience bolstered by one-on-one relationships that nurture transitions to life in the U.S. after upheaval.

Running her way from refugee camp to Rio: Olympics' first refugee team

By: Ryan Lenora Brown, <br> Correspondent - Christian Science Monitor

‘Hope to move forward’: One refugee’s story of resolve

By: Howard LaFranchi - CSM Staff writer

Refugees come from all different areas of the world. What countries do other refugees come from and why? 


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