Richard Somach

by Samantha Somach from Pennsylvania

Samantha's dad Richard is her hero. ( ())
Samantha's dad Richard is her hero. ( ())

My dad, Richard, is my hero. I look up to him for many reasons. One is because he believes that anything can happen if you think positively. Before an important race he'll tell me just think positively and you'll do fine. Another reason I look up to him is because how smart he is. I know he doesn't know everything, but sometimes it seems that way. He even remembers how to do eighth grade algebra!...he is not only my hero but my ally. He's always there for me when I need him no matter what the problem may be. For instance, if I don't understand my homework, he takes the time to explain it to me until I know it perfectly. He's helpful and active in my academics, but he is also there to encourage and support me all they way to the finish, no matter what or where the sport may be...

Samantha Somach ( ())
Samantha Somach ( ())

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