Rico, the dog

by Anonymous from United States

Dogs are a reminder of our own innocence. My dog Rico helps me everyday with my anxiety and depression. He helps me realize life can be manageable. 

121392RicoAli SpagnolaI found Rico when I was living in Puerto Rico by myself. My loneliness was creeping up on me and I missed an animal companion. I reached out to a local Facebook group about looking for a dog to adopt and I got many responses. Puerto Rico is in a crisis, in addition to the hurricane, for the countless street dogs without a home. Disregarding this fact was not in my conscience so I decided to adopt. Rico came to me through an independent rescuer. He was six years old. Since then he has been an emotional support animal. Taking care of him reminds me to take care of myself. He motivates me to wake up every morning because I have to walk and feed him. 

Besides the necessities, giving him love slows down my racing thoughts and centers them on the moment. His presence encourages me to be methodical about my actions without the unnecessary self doubting and critical voices.

Rico also soothes the people who meet him which creates a better social interaction with everyone I meet.

Though owning a dog is a big responsibility, there is so much given in return and I am grateful to have Rico in my life.

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