Rocky Kanaka

by Dakota Piedra from Chicopee, Massachusetts in United States

My hero is Rocky Kanaka. He is a 40 year old and was born in Hawaii in 1980 but eventually moved to LA and hosted a TV show called Save our Shelter. He was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle/Travel/Children’s or Educational and Informational Program. Rocky Kanaka started a YouTube channel called Rocky Kanaka and he finds dogs in shelters and takes them out for the day and makes them feel special. He shows off the dogs in his YouTube videos to help them get adopted from animal shelters all around the world. He has helped so many dogs find their forever homes. He has never given up on a dog that he was trying to get adopted. He is a true hero to all those dogs he has helped. He is also the founder of the popular pet food business The Dog Bakery. There, he makes dogs special treats that they can enjoy! Rocky Kanaka saves dogs from shelters! That is why he is my hero.

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