Lifesavers Heroes

alexis rina roditi

by Albert from Montreal

My hero is Alexis Rina for many reasons. One of the reasons is because when I was very young she saved me from drowning. I had gone in the ocean and there was a wave that brought me down hard. Then there was a very huge wave that was much bigger than me, so she pulled me out before the wave hit the ground. She said I would have been really hurt. Maybe I would have had a concussion.

Another reason why my sister is my hero is because when I was extremely sick, she took very good care of me, and she helped me when I was about to throw up and when I had to get an x-ray at the hospital. One more reason why she is my hero is because she is a good role model for me. She helps me when I’m feeling down and she helps me when I’m hurt.

My sister, Alexis, is very tall. She is in grade 10 at the age of 15. She has brown hair, brown eyes and she goes to school at Herzliah Snowdon. She went to Solomon Schechter Academy for elementary school. She is very good at hockey, she loves to act in plays in front of an audience, and she likes to sing. She is very playful with children and she is very generous to the poor.

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