Ron Kovic

by Victoria Murphy from Laguna Beach, California in United States

Ron Kovic is a self taught expressionist who paints with authority and with love. The guiding principle behind his visceral and lyrical paintings is love and humanism. Ron Kovic was a US Marine in the Vietnam War. He learned the tortuous lessons of war the hardest way- he was injured in action and became paralyzed as a result. Since 1968 Ron has been confined to a wheelchair but he remains, above all else, optimistic and full of love for his fellow human beings and for life itself.

131342I am an ArtistRon Kovic

131344Ours is a Tragic AgeRon KovicRon started painting after he was spent from having written pages of autobiographical polemical writing. He created lyrical colorful images of Winship Cottage in Northern California. He reconfirmed his belief in art and in himself when he painted the words triumphantly "I am An Artist" within one of his most direct works of art. Painting allows Ron Kovic a much needed escape and a vehicle to communicate his emotions and his feelings. A work like Look to the Sky emphasizes his need to find a happy place, even after a dark period. Using strong, vibrant color and sinuous lines, Kovic's paintings jump out from the frame and directly communicate with the viewer. His self portraits are honest and unflinching and he projects strength and loneliness at the same time. Ron's series of lone ship paintings are haunting, full of beauty and suggest that life is a solo journey. Laying it all out there for the audience, Kovic trusts the viewer to bring the same honesty and candor in order to fully experience his work.

131341BlueshipRon KovicRon Kovic will long be remembered as a peace activist and an author. In both of these roles, his honesty and humanity play a huge role. However, it is in Ron Kovic's scores of painted works that one glimpses the childlike innocence and naivete of the artist. Art can be restorative and art has the power to transform. Kovic's works like Love Me Tender Love Me Sweet are a testament to the deep need for love that we all crave and experience. At the same time, Ron Kovic preaches peace and an end to war forcefully in many of his works of art. His art is a platform much like the Democratic Convention and Occupy Wall Street. Ron Kovic uses his art as a voice to be heard in support of humanity and a support of global cooperation.

131343look to the skyRon KovicFor Ron Kovic, making art is an affirmation of life and that is why he paints with authority. Viewing Ron's art is also an affirmation of the power of art and we as viewers are deeply affected by his truthful message and his vibrant, lyrical style. Mixing color and word, line and image, Ron creates raw and vital work that demands to be seen with honesty and love.

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