Ron Kovic Multimedia Teacher Lesson Plan

Ron Kovic is an American anti-war activist, artist, and former United States Marine Corps sergeant.

MY HERO recommends reading the following stories to learn more about Ron Kovic -  decorated marine, peace activist, and artist.

Ron Kovic

By: Betty Bailey and Jeanne Meyers

Kovic was losing faith in the war effort. After seeing demonstrators clubbed in the streets, he joined the protesters. 

Ron Kovic

By: Victoria Murphy

Ron is also a self-taught expressionist, who paints with authority and with love. The guiding principle behind his visceral and lyrical paintings is love and humanism. 

Great for ESL students - the following story by Anabelle Vo includes an audio link that allows students to read and listen to the story. 

Ron Kovic

By: Anabelle Vo

I recently had the chance to speak with a man named Ron Kovic. Ron Kovic has devoted his life to fighting for peace and nonviolence.

Analyze this portrait of Ron Kovic by Robert Shetterly. Look closely at the words in the background. Why did Robert Shetterly chose this quote to include in this portrait? Do you have a hero who works for peace? Consider creating a portrait of your hero and include a quote that represents that person in your artwork. 

Ron Kovic, 2014

By: Robert Shetterly

After Robert Shetterly met Ron Kovic in Los Angeles, he painted his portrait as part of the Americans Who Tell the Truth series.

MY HERO recommends students watch these short films to learn more about Ron Kovic's journey from Vietnam veteran to well-known peace activist.

A Good American: The Times of Ron Kovic [excerpt]

Produced by:Loretta Smith

Loretta Smith, a close friend of Ron Kovic, documents his amazing journey as a Vietnam war veteran and a world-renowned peace activist. (6:40 minutes)

Honoring RON KOVIC

Producer: Jeanne Meyers

Learn more about Ron Kovic's multifaceted life, overcoming hardship and transforming into an author, painter, and activist who has worked for world peace over the last 40 years. (4:23 minutes)

Listen to Ron Kovic speak in the following audio clip and film.

Ron Kovic BBC Interview


Please enjoy this BBC Interview of Ron Kovic.

Ron Kovic speaks at MY HERO's International Day of Peace Celebration

Producer: The MY HERO Project

Ron Kovic shares his passion for a better world. (5:22 minutes)

Discussion Questions

1. Ron Kovic is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran who has dedicated his life to promoting peace. What circumstances led him to become a peace activist?

2. Do you know anyone who is an activist for peace? Share his or her story with MY HERO. 

3. What are some challenges veterans face today? Identify someone who is working to help veterans, and share his or her story with MY HERO.   

4. What can you do to promote a more peaceful and tolerant world? Create an action plan and share your story with MY HERO? 


Expressionist Artwork by Ron Kovic

Students analyze art created by Ron Kovic. How does the artist incorporate words to enhance his art? What message is the artist conveying? Using Kovic's art as inspiration, students are encouraged to create their own expressionist artwork to convey a message of peace. 

Artist Ron Kovic with One of His Recent Drawings

By: Ron Kovic

This photo of activist, artist and author Ron Kovic with one of his later drawings shows how engaged he is in the process of making expressionist art.

Blue Ship

By: Ron Kovic

Ron Kovic painted this image during the Winship cottage period, after his term of duty in the war, when he was faced with the job of reintegrating himself into the life of a citizen of the United States.

Ours is a Tragic Age

By: Ron Kovic

Inspired by D.H. Lawrence from Lady Chatterly's Lover

Masted Ship on Turbulent Waters by Ron Kovic

By: Ron Kovic

After the Vietnam war, Ron Kovic moved to California. He became an artist during his recovery from the physical and psychological wounds he suffered.

A New Nation is Being Born by Ron Kovic

By: Ron Kovic

Kovic's art is born of protest and participation in the democratic process, which is demonstrated in this flag-based work of art.

Sun with Sailboat by Ron Kovic

By: Ron Kovic

Ron Kovic's Winship Cottage period was a very fertile time for this artist activist, and this work shows the exuberant expressionist style he developed there.

I Am an Artist

By: Ron Kovic

"This was done during the Winship Cottage period. I felt very creative. I just didn't care what other people thought."


Learning Outcomes

Students will recognize challenges that members of armed forces face when engaged in a war, and what wounded veterans face when they return home. Students will identify peace activists who inspire them and evaluate what steps can be taken to work toward a more peaceful world. Students are encouraged to formulate an action plan and create an original piece of art promoting peace.

MY Hero Film Festival: Ron Kovic Peace Prize

The MY HERO Film Festival is honored to annually bestow the Ron Kovic Peace Prize to the director of the short film that most effectively addresses the issue of world peace. For more information click on the link to the right. 

Link to Information about the Annual Ron Kovic Peace Prize
Credit: myhero

Teachers: Visit MY HERO for additional curated multimedia resources honoring Ron Kovic.

Ron Kovic Multimedia Resource Organizer

Ron Kovic Peace Prize Winning Films


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The Ron Kovic lesson plan was created by MY HERO Education Outreach Director Laura Nietzer.

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