Ronald Reagan / US Government / Hero Essay

by Matthew M from United States

Ronald Reagan is considered one of the greatest presidents in history. Reagan had a great background before he became president and obviously had many accomplishments. He is a hero to the USA by being valiant by challenging the might of the Soviets and he helped all Americans with Reaganomics.

Like most presidents, Ronald has a descriptive background. He was born on February 6th, 1911 to Jack and Nelle Reagan and grew up in rural Illinois. When he was 18 he went to Eureka College. Shortly after college, he got a job as a radio announcer in Iowa. In 1937, after taking a screen test, he became an actor for Warner Bros. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Reagan was a spokesperson for the U.S. Army so they could recruit Americans to fight in World War II. In 1952, he married Nancy Reagan. After the World War II, Reagan was interested in politics. He started as a Democrat but as his views changed, he moved to the Republican party. In 1966, he became Governor of California and served two terms. And in 1980, Reagan won the presidency over incumbent Jimmy Carter (Ex: In 2020 Donald Trump will be the incumbent).  Reagan served as President of the United States from 1981-1989.

Ronald Reagan had some accomplishments before his presidency, but after he became president his accolades skyrocketed. One of the most influential quotes from Ronald Reagan was “tear down this wall”. That wall was the Berlin Wall separating democratic West Berlin (part of West Germany) from communist East Berlin (part of East Germany). The last year of his presidency, that wall came down. Another one of Ronald Reagan’s greatest accomplishments was ending the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Cold War was 50 years of tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union and further complicated with the possibility of nuclear weapons being launched. The Cold War ended with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Another one of Reagan’s greatest accomplishments was his economic policy called Reaganomics which boosted the US into great economic stature. Of course, most of this wouldn’t have happened if Reagan wasn’t our president from 1981-1989. Reagan’s goal as president was to “be the president that made Americans believe in themselves again”.

As you can see, Ronald Reagan was a great president who led Americans through turbulent times. His background was a great one as that helped Americans pick him as president, and his accomplishments of ending the Cold War and his economic policies to boost the U.S. economy demonstrate that he is one of the greatest presidents in recent history.


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