Rosa Parks

by Amanda from Prishtina in Malta

Rosa Parks was a brave lady who lived a long time ago. She lived in a time when people with different skin colors were treated unfairly. One day, when Rosa Parks was on a bus, the driver told her and some other people of color to give up their seats for white people, even though they were already sitting. But Rosa said “No”, she wouldn't move. This made a lot of people notice what was happening. They started a big protest called the Montgomery bus boycott and stopped using the buses in Rosa's city. They wanted to change the unfair rules. Rosas actions helped show that everyone should be treated equally, no matter the color of their skin. Rosa Parks was born in 1913 but died in 2005.  

154889Rosa ParksGoogle ReasearchRosa Parks became famous for her bravery and inspired others to stand up against unfairness. Her story is taught in schools, so kids like you can learn about equality and how important it is to treat people with kindness and respect.  Rosa Parks showed us that one person can make a big difference in making the world a better place.  

Rosa was treated unfairly for her skin color and when she was younger, she was very poor. She went to jail for standing up for black people's rights! Everyone saw what she did, it was on the TV and DAILY NEWS. Then people started doing the same thing. They started standing up for their own rights and eventually, the government knew that they couldn't send everyone to jail for standing up for themselves, so they decided the rule/law should be broken, and Rosa Parks got out of jail. Rosa Parks is a hero for standing up for black people and herself even though she went to jail. In this case, she was brave. She was also confident because confidence made her do this. And finally, she was kind by trying to change the rules/laws about black people! 

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