All about my hero choice ✨Rosemary Brown✨

Rosemary brown

by Beatriz Iglesias from Toronto, Ontario in Canada

You might have heard of a bunch of people known as the first black this or that. But let me tell you about what this woman is about, known as in Rosemary Brown. There are a bunch of things I bet you didn’t know about her, so I'll explain all about her. I’ll explain about what she was known for, why she was in politics, and all the awards she won. 

Did you know that Rosemary Brown was not only known for being the first black female member of the provincial legislature but also the first woman to run for leadership of the federal political party? Such a great woman, isn’t she? She was also known for working briefly for the Children’s Aid Society. And she served three years as the CEO of the advocacy group match of the International Women’s Fund, and additional positions thereafter after the Politics.

All of the work and jobs she did, all lead to not 1 not 5 but 7  awards!

Her first one was in 1972 by the National Black Coalition Awards.

Her second one was in 1973 by the United Nations Human Rights Fellowship

Her third one was in 1989 by the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award

Her fourth one was in 1995 by the Order of British Columbia

Her fifth one was in 1996 by the Order of Canada 

Her sixth one was in 2001 by the Government of Jamaica Commander of the Order of Distinction.

Her last one was in 2002 by the Canadian Labour Congress Award of Outstanding Service to Humanity.

You might be wondering why she wanted to get into politics. Well, she wanted to work on improving services for the elderly, the disadvantaged, immigrants, and people with disabilities. As well as prohibiting discrimination based on race or sex. 

Following her Graduation, she ended up getting involved with a social network that shaped her political mindset of things, named The British Columbia Association for the Advancement of Colored People. 

But sadly in 2003, she died due to a heart attack. But has now been known as “The Honorable Rosemary Brown” to honor everything she’s done to help others and inspire other black women/men to still achieve their dreams and goals no matter how much criticism they get.  

✨The end✨  


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Extra Info

Another fun fact, in 1993, she was named Chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner. She held that position until 1996.