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Ruby Bridges

by Hannah LaRose from San Diego, California in United States

"Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail."

132277Ruby Bridges enters all-white schoolUncredited DOJ photographer [Public domain]Getting protested against every day, not being able to have the same rights as everyone else, and being segregated against: These are just a few of the challenges Ruby Bridges faced. Bridges was a strong and compassionate woman who cared for all people and had a major impact in our society. Bridges advanced the cause of Civil Rights in November 1960, when she became the first African American student to join an elementary school in the South. She attended an all-white school, and as a result, many people took their kids out of it and protested. Mobs were fighting against her, but this never stopped Bridges. Even though she was segregated from all of the other students, she never once gave up for what she believed in. This is, that everyone has the right to education. Without her, our world would not be the same and African Americans would not have the rights they deserve. Bridges played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement, and to many, she is considered a hero because of her bravery to stick up for her rights and her caring personality which lead her to success.

Bridges was an African American, but that didn't stop her from getting the rights she deserved, which shows her bravery. Also, it allowed her to play a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. Bridges was well known for being the first African American in an all-white school, which resulted in her facing many challenges: "Sometimes I'd look at her and wonder how she did it... How she went by those mobs and sat here all by herself and yet seemed so relaxed and comfortable" (“The Story of Ruby Bridges”). At the school people protested against her, but her bravery never once failed and let her give up. She wanted the rights she deserved and she got them. Having a strong attitude and passion toward something will lead you to success, is what Bridges taught society. Also, she showed people that no matter the age they are, they can make a change. Ruby’s strong and fearless self allowed her to get an education, and she ignored all of the racism thrown her way. She inspires many students, parents, and teachers to stick up for their rights and not follow the crowd. The United States, especially in the South, was still struggling with basic racial discrimination issues. One of these was the integration of public schools: “Ruby faced blatant racism every day while entering the school. Many parents kept their children at home. People outside the school threw objects, police set up barricades" (“Bridges Biography”). Ruby was an extremely important part of the Civil Rights Movement and if it wasn't for her bravery, rights today might not be the same. She had bodyguards surrounding her at all times, and she got a teacher and classroom to herself. Bridges didn't get the same experience of education like every other student, but she still got it. She fought for the rights she earned and in the end, she had a huge impact on society. She inspired the union of blacks and whites in the South, and many people look up to her and her bravery.

132282Bridges gives inspirational speechesTexas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography [CC BY 2.0 (]Bridges' caring personality led her to success in making a foundation that affects many people all over the world. Ruby wanted to show how compassionate she is towards education and she wants to stop racism: “In 1999, Ruby formed the Ruby Bridges Foundation in New Orleans. Ruby’s foundation promotes tolerance, respect, and appreciation of people’s differences. Through education, the Ruby Bridges Foundation strives to end racism” (“Bridges Biography”). Bridges created this foundation so she can promote education for all people and every race. Bridges created the foundation in hopes of bringing parents back into school so they can play a more active role in their children’s education. She cares for everyone, and her successful foundation inspires people to end racism and prejudice. Today, you can find Bridges still being an inspiration to many, even at the age of 64. She speaks out about what she believes is right for our country and gives meaningful speeches. These speeches have effects on how people begin to view the world: “Bridges spoke out in favor of gun control in 2018. She stated that she is distressed by the mass shootings in the United States” (“Ruby Bridges”). Her determination to succeed allows her to keep playing a major role in society. Bridges continues to be an inspiration to our world and she soon, one day, might have another major effect on our society. Today, Ruby inspires children by reading them a story of her life and allowing them to see what it was like when she was a child. She wants people at a young age to start making a difference in our world, just like she once did. Bridges is very passionate about what she does and believes everyone has the right to education.

Ruby Bridges is a true hero to many people around the world because of her bravery and caring heart. She always inspires people to have faith in themselves and to believe that anything is possible. Bridges taught many that they can make a difference in our society. Ruby once stated, “Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you!” (“Bridges Biography”). Ruby influences people through letting them know that being unique and making your own trail in life will lead you to success. She paved a path for future generations of black students and was an inspiration to people of all ages. She inspires people to be themselves and accept who they are. Bridges inspires me and others to care and help all people and to make our own path in life. Even though Ruby Bridges is mostly remembered for being the first African American to step foot in an all-white school, she is truly considered a hero to many, and she helped everyone believe that anything is possible if you just follow your dreams.




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