RuiXiang Song

by Jolin Sun from Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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124050who is the hero?myselfWhat is a hero? Everyone defines a hero in different meanings and ideas. There are many characteristics a hero owns. From our perspective, a hero is a person who does something meaningful to others. For instance, he might be warm-hearted, kind, and positive. Also, he can work under pressure well.

He is the first Taiwanese to join MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières,  MSF/ Doctors Without Borders). He joined Doctors Without Borders organization in 2004. He is now 36 years old. He has been to many countries to help others to see doctors for free; for instance, Yemen and Republic of Liberia.

Before became a doctor, Song had wandered to Europe, Tibet, and Nepal for one year. The first country he went as a doctor was Liberia. He thought he was suitable as being a doctor, and a doctor can help others get away from hurt but can’t help them get away from trauma and the fear of wars. He also said, ”Traveling gives me a big asset. That is – I learn to solve problems, face the truth.” After he came back from Yemen, he wrote a book about Doctors Without Borders. The book name is "The way we go home, like this."

We think that he is the first Doctors Without Borders in Taiwan, even if Africa or West Asia doesn’t own many medical resources like Taiwan, the west of Asia even is in the war. He also works hard and saves everyone’s life. He said that ”The basics of medical treatment is to help people. The doctor without borders never emphasizes heroism, but pays attention to saving lives in the environment of limited medical resources. Everyone is equal, no matter who are you, as long as you need me, I will do my best to help you!” He is so merciful. Because of these following reasons, we thought Song is our hero!

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