Saint Dominic High School

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Welcome to Junior 2-2,4,5,and 6's Heroes.

Jeremy Lin

By: Kevin C


By: Kelton Huang

Helen Keller

By: Phyllis Tseng

Rick Riordan

By: Yu-Ling Chiu

Ariel Lin

By: Jennifer Wu

Grant Gustin

By: Romney and Harold

Jin Yong

By: Bowen Juan

Nick Vujicic

By: Kevin Chuang and Wayne Chen

Florence Nightingale

By: Cindy Lin


By: Beryl Huang

Thomas Edison

By: William Lee

Michael Phelps

By: Cherry Wang and Hannah Chen

Gal Gadot

By: Jamie Chieh


By: Aven Liu

Stephen Curry

By: Jay ko and Jason Chiu

Princess Diana

By: Anna Wang

Albert Einstein

By: Cherry and Winnie

Classes 2,4,5 and 6 Heroes

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