Teachers Heroes

Carol Sample

by Becca from Elgin

Ms. Sample was my third grade teacher. She shared every single thing that was happening in her life with her students, even when she was on a diet. She was on a diet because she needed to go to her daughter, Carrie’s, wedding. She was trying to fit into the bridesmaid's dress. Her biggest temptation was M&M’s, her absolute favorite food in the world. We would make so many jokes about M&M’s and how she could not eat them.

She was also a brilliant math teacher. She loved math and wanted all of her students to love it, too. She taught math in a strange way, but somehow a better way. It was weird, but it was also very neat. I learned the most that I have ever learned in math in a semester’s time. I have met lots of good math teachers since I was in her class, but no one better. I don’t think I will ever meet someone who could connect with her students better than Ms. Sample.

She was also an awesome science teacher. I remember one time when we were doing a science project in groups on volcanoes. She encouraged us to do something extraordinary that would really impress her. We decided to do a volcano that spewed fake lava. It was a great turnout! And we got there just because of Ms. Sample's encouragement.

She is also a heck of a chaperone! One day in fourth grade, our gifted and talented teacher invited Ms. Sample to come along and chaperone our exciting field trip to Main St. in Columbia. It was so much fun! We went to a really delicious Italian restaurant, we looked at many historical buildings, and we actually got back at 1:30 (even though that wasn’t very much fun to get back before school was out).

It was the best time of my school life being in Ms. Sample’s class, and I think that Ms. Sample thinks the same. You would be surprised if you found a teacher like her.

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