Sara Green Founder and Executive Director of Art for Refugees in Transition

by Abigail Richardson from MY HERO Staff

Sara Green, the Founder and Executive Director of Art for Refugees in Transition (A.R.T), has dedicated her life to using the power of art to empower and uplift displaced individuals. Her remarkable journey and tireless efforts have not only transformed the lives of countless refugees but have also inspired others to make a difference in their communities.

Sara was a guest at Eva Haller's Saturday Salon recently.

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Sara has an MBA in Finance and Economics from Columbia Graduate School of Business) and holds a BFA in Dance and a BA in History from Ohio State University. Sara has seven years of experience in management, fundraising, development and strategic planning for non-profits, including The New York City Ballet and Dance Theatre Workshop. Green danced professionally for 10 years in Europe and the U.S.   In 2011, Sara was awarded the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship.  Her work with A.R.T. has been featured in several books, including “More Than 85 Broads,” by Janet Hanson and “The Art of Doing Good,” by Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon.  A.R.T. was accredited by UNESCO in 2022 and serves as an advisor on Intangible Cultural Heritage, and in 2023, A.R.T. was awarded the Jeonju Award for Presentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Art for Refugees in Transition (A.R.T.) helps rebuild individual and community identity for refugees worldwide. Drawing upon the indigenous art forms of each community, A.R.T.s programs are designed to enable the elders of a culture to educate and incorporate the younger generation in their cultural traditions. By developing self-sustaining curricula and training programs, A.R.T. engages children and adults in visual, performing and creative arts drawn from their own cultures.  

ART was conceived in 1999, as a response to the ongoing turmoil in the Balkans. Refugees fleeing the raging warfare were flooding into safe towns. Sara earned her MBA at Columbia University with the idea of applying business model skills to the world's refugee populations. Every child loves to sing and dance, to play and feel free, yet she saw fear and hopelessness in the faces of children who had had their childhoods stolen away. Sara's hope was that, by finding their childhood through their unique ethnic expression, these children could become more than lost refugees.

In 2001, she went to Kosovo to work with these children. After several years of research and development, A.R.T.'s initial program was launched in two Burmese refugee camps in Thailand in 2003. Since then, A.R.T. has reached refugees in Colombia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

152919A.R.TSara GreenEmpowering through A.R.T.

A.R.T's approach to helping refugees is rooted in the belief that art can be a catalyst for healing, self-expression, and personal growth. Sara and her team have developed a range of innovative programs that harness the creative potential of refugees, from children to adults. These programs include art therapy sessions, workshops, exhibitions, and educational initiatives that aim to foster resilience and promote mental well-being. One of A.R.T's flagship programs is the "Art Healing Kit," which provides refugees with art supplies and resources to engage in creative activities. Through these kits, refugees can express their emotions, tell their stories, and find a sense of belonging in a world often marked by displacement and loss.

Building Stronger Communities

Sara's vision for A.R.T goes beyond individual healing; it extends to building stronger and more inclusive communities. A.R.T projects often involve group activities that bring refugees and host communities together, promoting understanding, tolerance, and social cohesion. By fostering connections and breaking down barriers, Sara's work helps create environments where refugees can rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

A Beacon of Hope

Sara’s dedication to the cause of refugees and her relentless pursuit of a world where art is a source of healing and empowerment have earned her recognition and respect on a global scale. Her tireless advocacy for refugees' rights and her belief in the transformative power of art have inspired countless individuals and organizations to join the movement.

The Eva Haller Salon Series

Eva's Salons bring together artists, scientists and media makers from around the globe. Eva is a 91 year old activist, philanthropist & holocaust survivor. The Eva Haller Salon's take place virtually every Saturday at 2:00 PM PST. To request an invitation to attend the Salon Series please email [email protected]

To watch the salon, click HERE.

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