Sarah Nabbosa

by Aidah Birungi from Kampala in Uganda

130291my lovely momAisha    My Mom My Hero. Miss Sarah Nabbosa is a great woman who has done much in my life and our community. She being a single mother, she managed to raise all her 7 children alone. She did all that it takes to educate her children and provide them with basic needs. I remember she used to sell passion fruits from Owino Market. She was never too selective about work whereby she also had to carry out roadside business like selling mangoes in order to care for the family needs. 

130293My brothers and sistersMartin  I call her my hero because she has toiled all her life trying to make her kids happy. With her little income she did not hesitate to help those in need, especially with shelter, and also involved them in her small business hence creating them employment. On top of that she also went to Sudan to look for money and risked leaving her kids and traveled long distances. Many people used to laugh and mock her because she worked at the street but she never gave up. Instead, the more they did it the more she became strong and courageous. 

130294One of Her worksmom130292My selfAidah


Personally, I am able to write and read and also do some web development projects because of my mom and the good foundation she gave us.  You will forever be my Hero and the Best Mother.

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