Young Heroes

Sarah Robins

by Jacobie Peterson from Idaho, United States

When I think for a hero, I think of someone that has influenced my life, and is a big part. For my hero project, I wanted to do my Best Friend Sarah Robins. Sarah means the world to me and I could not live without her. She is my best friend and is there for me whenever I need. She is always willing to help no matter what.

First, let’s start off with some background. Sarah is fourteen. Her birthday is in August. She is the youngest of five kids; she has two older brothers and two older sisters. Sarah comes from a amazing family. Her parents are literally the most fun, loving, and kindest people you will ever meet. Her dad is an accountant and her mom stays home. Her oldest brother Ben just got married a few months ago, her oldest sister Becky has a boyfriend and just graduated from college, and her brother Lain is currently in Alabama. Sarah’s sweet sister Grace is sixteen and loves music and movies. I love Sarah’s family so much, they are literary my second family. I can’t express how much I love them.

When Sarah and I were in elementary school, we hated each other. She didn’t like one of my friends, and she didn’t like that I sided with her. I also didn’t like her best friend at the time. We both had hard feelings for each other. But then we started clogging together. We didn’t really start talking to each other until a competition we had, and I didn’t know where to go, and then after that we started becoming friends. Both our best friends started to hang out without us and pretty much ditched us, so we started hanging out! Now we are best friends and no one can separate us. We are always together. We have had people think we were twins in our school, and out of school. There was a time that Sarah and I were at Lagoon for a clogging competition and a lady came up to her mom and asked about our hair. She said, “Your girls' hair is so cute, is it for the dance competition or do you always do their hair like that?” Now me and Sarah laugh about how we didn’t like each other. We wonder how we ever lived without each other.

We had one of our friends tell us we fight like sisters. We argue over the weirdest things, but then we make jokes about it. Sarah and I fight very, very rarely, and when we do it never lasts long. One of us always gives in within a few minutes.

Sarah and I would do anything for each other. I am there whenever she needs to talk, and she is always there when I need to talk. It is so easy for me to talk about anything when I am with Sarah. We never have quiet moments when we are talking; we always have something to say.

Sarah is my hero because she has made a difference in my life. She is courageous and one of the strongest people I know. I hope in my life that I can live up to how amazing, kind, caring, and beautiful she is. Sarah deserves the world and I can’t tell her enough how much I love her. She is there through thick and thin. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I can’t believe that I was blessed to have such an amazing best friend. Life without her would not be the same. I have never had a best friend as amazing and supportive as her. She is my un-biological sister and I mean that. I love you Sarah, you are the best!

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