Multimedia Resources Connected to SDG #14

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources. 

SDG 14
Credit: MY HERO

Short Films

Films Recommended for Elementary Students

All the Way to the Ocean

Produced by:Joel Harper
A story about two friends and their discovery of the relationship between our cities' storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.

The Plastic Perils of The Pacific

Produced by:Brandon & Carlene Strathmann
Pollution is not a species-specific problem.

MABON ‘The 8 year old activist’

Jack Davies
Our world has a serious ocean plastics problem. There are now a higher number of plastics in the ocean than the number of fish.

Films Recommended for Middle and High School Students

Plastic Plague

Produced by:Jody Lemmon

Plastic pollution is threatening the ocean's ecosystems, but we can work together to prevent further damage!

Ocean Hero Spotlight

Jessica Vance
Oluwaseyi Moejoh from Nigeria and Heather Brockbank from the Bahamas share their stories of ocean activism.

Slater Jewell-Kemker's Journey

Producer: Jeanne Meyers
Slater is an environmental activist who uses film-making as her tool. She was inspired and empowered to make a difference growing up with the MY HERO Project.

The View Through My Mask

Produced by:Richard Morris

Experience the Ocean through the mask of Dr. Sylvia Earle.        (7:17 minutes)

The Arctic Garden

Produced by:Will Parinello/Tom Dusenberry

Caroline Cannon, an Inupiat indigenous leader, takes aim at offshore oil drilling that threatens her people and the biodiversity in the Arctic Sea.

Help Mary Save Coral

Produced by:Miranda Andersen from CANADA

One woman's effort to save the world's underrated natural resource, coral. (running time 10:58 min)

A Tribute to Sylvia Earle

Produced by:One World One Ocean
A tribute to oceanographer Sylvia Earle from One World One Ocean.

Defending The Deep

Will Parrinello

Claire Nouvian led a campaign against the destructive fishing practice of deep-sea bottom trawling. (running time 5:39 min)

Discovering Plastic Pollution in Bali

Karen B. Song
Taking a look at the harmful effects of plastic pollution on local environments in Indonesia.


Hendrik S. Schmitt
The Jetlagged and Plastic Pollution Coalition want to show our addiction to plastics and raise awareness about the impact plastic waste has on the environment.

Series of Solutions: Restoring Coral Reefs

Produced by:Center for Ocean Solutions & Conservation Media Group
Series of Solutions explores the heroes who are working on tangible solutions for ocean conservation.

Ending Overfishing

Produced by:Produced by: / Directed by: Uli Henrik Streckenbach

Overfishing is a human-made threat to our world's oceans and requires immediate action. (Running time 4:11 minutes)


Jacques Cousteau

By: Jeff Trussell
Jacques Cousteau invented the Aqua-Lung, a predecessor to the SCUBA systems used by divers worldwide today.

Nancy Caruso

By: Anabelle Vo
Nancy Caruso is a marine biologist who helped bring kelp forests back to the California coast.

MacGillivray Family

MacGillivray Family founded the non-profit MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation.

Sylvia Earle

By: Edward Ortiz
"The key is to see ourselves as a part of the natural systems that support us."

Reef Ball Foundation

By: Claudia Herrera Hudson
Reef Ball Foundation restores damaged coral reef systems around the world.

Help Mary Save Coral

By: Amanda Molinaro from Irvine

Help Mary Save Coral works to repopulate the world's coral.


Ocean/ Environmental Mural 2015

By: Ritchie King

Sylvia Earle

By: Ben Macedo

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

By: Tim Shay

Multimedia Lesson Plan: World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day Lesson Plan
Credit: MY HERO

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