by Veronica from Houston

The person that I read a about and wrote about is Selena. She was born in lLake Jackson Taxas. Her birthday is April 16,on easter, Sunday. Her dad met Selena's mom and they got marriered. They had Suzetta and thanb A.B. than Saelena. In total they had three children all to gather. And her dad was in a group called "Los dines" but they did not last that long then they broke up. Then one day the dad was playing with the the guiter in his house then Slkena heard dad play it. She heard him sing a song, she went in the house and started singing with herdad her dad could not belive how she sang that song. she was special that's how the dad know she could sing. He was geting all of stuff ready, for Selena and her sister, and borther to make a group. Than her dad had an idea about opening restourant so he did and the name eas called "Papa Goyo." Then her dad quit the other job so he could work at his restaurant. After a will they start losing there beiness than lots it so her and mom still owed the bank money, then they sold the house to pay what they owe. Then they moved in with on of her uncle from her dad side. Where they was in Corpus Christi. So Selen's dad will take her brother and sister to place to place for feeed everyboby. one say these man heard in a club and he like haw she singe so he help them more. After months pass and day people started like her music and now ho she is. Than she come out of a magazine when she qas 15 year old.

When they were in the road thay alway stop in place where they sell pizza with "paparon" and cheese. After months and day spast. They needed a back up player in the group. So they were looking for a person. And one day this man came to the house for the job. Shris played his quiter at frist the dad and did not like him. Than his son A.B. made him put him in the group so, he was in the group. Monthe passed and Selena and him started having feelings for easch other.

But the dad did not agree withe anything of the group. But Selena and Chris start saw each other. Then one day passed. Selena said I want to get married with you Chris. But Selena said lets get married now with out them becouse they us. So thwy got married. And everbody found out becayse tgey saud ut ub tge bews abd tge radio so Selena, Chis where scard to go, over at Selena house. So the next day they went to the house and told Chris to stay out side and I am going to talk to my family. After taht the dad asked Chris if he had is quiter. So come be in the group agin.

Than selena bought a house,nd made a Boutique and a Salon. But she always had time for her fans and her frinds. So she compet on sainge and making life with famliy. sunday selena and her dad noticed some money missing they ask Yoland Saldivar.

She said she didn't now where it went but I will pay you back fore the money message. Then the next day Selena got a call in the moroing it was Yoland she said I have and asked her about so she a gun out start shoutge everywhere. Then she shot Selena than Selena die in the hospital. English albeum. Then Yolanda whent to jail for what she did.

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