September 11 Fire Fighters

by Jaleesa, Philemon, and Chris from cleveland

We've chosen the New York City Firefighters because they risked and sacrificed their lives for other people. To the firefighters, this day was unexpected. They need our support and we will give them support. Thousands of lives were lost in the World Trade Centers, the airplanes that crashed and at the Pentagon.

We must say that the New York city firefighters where some of the bravest men we've ever heard of. We mean, come on now, how many men do you know that would rush toward two falling buildings? Not just any two buildings we're talking about the World Trade Centers. These men rushed toward these two tumbling towers with airplanes crashed in them and people jumping out of them. In our opinion that's some bravery to write about.

We will help the families of their loved ones who were victims on 9/11. These people were one firefighters and office workers, but now there is no more. As we honor these men and women, we want to thank them. They did the best they could.

The New York city firefighters are some people that we'd even like to meet one day. We're only talking about the ones who risked their lives. They risked their lives for the lives of others, others that they didn't even know. Some of them lost their lives in the process or mist rather. To meet people like that can give a kid true inspiration.

Those firefighters are heroes and we should never forget about that. After all, they did something extraordinary. And they showed how dedicated they were to their jobs, some died in the process of saving others, now that shows heart. We asked ourselves if we were in that position what would we have done.That's truly something to think about. That experience taught us something. It taught us to stand up for what we believe in, and if that fails, to die trying.

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