Sergeant Stubby

by Alexa B from Eden Prairie, Minnesota in United States

This story is from the view of my dog Casey.

“Hi, my name is Casey. I am a rescue dog and I have found an amazing home with my new family. My hero is the best sergeant in the world. His name is Sergeant Stubby."

Sergeant Stubby was a dog that served during World War I. Stubby was a stray dog until he ran on the training field at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut where the 102nd Infantry Regiment was training. Stubby became fast friends with the group, but the soldier he was closest to was Corporal Robert Conroy. “Oh and did you know that we dogs are man’s best friend?” They grew so close that when Conroy had to go to France, he hid Stubby and snuck him aboard the ship he was taking to France. When Stubby was found by Conroy’s commanding officer, Stubby saluted and was allowed to stay onboard. “We all know he was really allowed to stay because he was so cute. I mean all dogs are. Especially me.”

In France Stubby worked in the trenches. Stubby could run out of the trenches to find the fallen and wounded soldiers. He could also hear the whistle of bombs shells so he could warn the soldiers to take cover. One day there was a raid and some retreating Germans threw hand grenades, and one of them hit Stubby in the foreleg. Another time Stubby was injured by mustard gas. Once he had recovered, he had his own special gas mask, and because he had encountered the poison gas, Stubby could smell the gas very well and could warn the soldiers. “We dogs have an amazing sense of smell, unlike humans.” Stubby was alert to poison gas, bomb shells and soldiers in no man's land. Stubby had also single-pawedly caught a German spy. The spy spoke German to Stubby, and Stubby recognized the enemy language, so he trapped the thief and waited for help to arrive. After Stubby caught the spy, he was given the rank of sergeant.

Sergeant Stubby came home to a hero’s welcome. Some women even made Stubby a vest to put all of his awards on. “Stubby deserves more medals and awards than anyone else.” Sergeant Stubby is now the most famous dog from World War I.

Sergeant Stubby is my hero. He is my hero because he was injured multiple times but he kept going back to the trenches to help. Plus we don’t give our animal soldiers enough credit for everything they’ve done for our country. Sergeant Stubby is an amazing hero.

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