Sarah Ferguson

by Brittany from Des Plaines, Illinois

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson

Have you ever seen a princess that has cream pie fights and punches a prince in the arm WHILE the Queen was watching? Sarah Ferguson did those things practically every day! Sarah married Prince Andrew, and the couple became the Duke and Duchess of York.

Sarah was born in London on Oct. 15, 1959, at 9:03 a.m. Her hobbies are horseback riding, ballet, and loves jet-setting. She also has tons of friends. Sarah has one elder sister named Jane. If you want to know more about this crazy but interesting princess read on!

Sarah has a fun-loving nature in her. That's why she loves doing cream pie fights! She's not scared to be an ordinary person at all. In fact, she enjoys being an ordanary person. She has so much spunk in her that her friends call her Fergie. Fergie acts so much like an ordinary person that she makes her own decisions while holding down a job, taking the bus to work, and walking down the street unnoticed.

Sarah with her kids
Sarah with her kids

Sarah has so many hobbies and so many friends. One of her friends was Diana, “The People's Princess.” They knew each other since childhood and both married into the Royal Family. Both of them also loved ballet.

Did you know that Sarah had five boyfriends? She married Prince Andrew in 1986. Together they had two daughters. They are fifth and sixth in line of succession to the throne. Prince Andrew and Sarah separated in 1992.

See, now you know much more about Sarah Ferguson and her amazing life. Sarah Ferguson is very important to me and she changed my life by teaching me to try new things every day. If you want to know more about Sarah or anyone else, you could check in the library or in books or even on the Internet.

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