Young Heroes

Shaunot Dutta

by ipsi from india

“abe tera left”

there’s so much courage in the mundane. so much that someone does regularly that goes unappreciated because, well, it doesn’t move mountains or save lives or get millions. my hero is this one person, who isn’t the most perfect being, who makes silly errors and spends hours thinking about them. who worries about the future just as much as the next person. but he’s special. he’s special because he does not let any of this hold him back. he dreams of a better life, of a happier everyday. he tries to keep growing, and ever since i’ve met him, i have seen him learn something new everyday. sometimes he gets overwhelmed, but that's okay, because he’s got me forever. but i consider myself lucky because i get to spend the rest of my life with this hero, who does so much, so much, it's not containable. 

if only he knew this.

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