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by Sumaira from Pakistan


 Indeed a good hero is very hard to find and every person has their own hero. In my life, my hero, my inspiration, and my motivation is my sister. She is a nurse. A hero is someone who gets admired for bravery, courage, and their unforgettable achievements and almost I found all of these qualities in her.

Rewind to the previous year, when almost everyone was quarantined and feared for their life but she was there in the hospital to save others' lives. She doesn't care about her sleeping schedule, food, or necessities, but she is only concerned about her patients. She is having so many responsibilities in her head regarding only the patients. During the pandemic, she didn't return home for at least 2 weeks just because she wanted to follow the precautions so that her family stayed safe. I might not have seen any super heroes in my real life but I have surely seen my sister being a brave hero. By working hard,  giving her time, and sacrificing her enjoyment. She does handle the circumstances very gravely. Just because of her, I find myself more worthy and strong. She is my support system, she is always there to help me out and teach me the right pathway. She is my strength and role model for me. She plays a different role in my life, sometimes she becomes my mother, sometimes she teaches me like my teacher and I share everything with her just like she is my best friend.

Rarely do nurses act solely as patient nurses and it is because of the impression they can leave with their compassion. However, if you ask any nurse they will never claim to be a hero and as through the definition of a person who admired courage with many uncountable qualities we think about anyone who has the courage to care for others, as they would care for their family members and has the strength to carry out the duties required a nurse surely qualifies a hero.

       "Here to all of our nurses, your efforts are greatly appreciated"



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