a soldier

by lucy from yanji

It is a story about a soldier saving a little girl as well as her father.

The girl was skating on the lake alone when suddenly she fell into the water. A few minites later,the girl's father came and jumped into the water immediately. He was so worried about his daughter that he forgot he couldn't swim. Just at that critical moment, a passing soldier saw the scene and jumped into the icy water without hesitation.Finally,both the girl and her father were saved.

They were so happy that they forgot the soldier completely. When they thought of him,it was already too late.The soldier had gone quietly without being noticed.They didn't known his name so they could never find him.

The soldier surely is a hero.He is a person who is willing to give hands to others whenever they meet danger.There must be many heros like him in the world who just are happy to help others even without rewarding.We might not know their names,but their noble behavior will be remembered and appreciated by people.

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