American Soldiers in Iraq

by Christina from USA

What do you think a hero is? A hero to me is peaceful, a role model, humble and truthful. These are great qualities for a hero to have. My heroes are the American soldiers now fighting in Iraq.

The soldiers are fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Even if they are not in combat, they go on convoy operations to do missions at other camps. The soldiers show great bravery when they go on missions or engage in combat. Donald King, a solider in Iraq, said, “We can feel the adrenaline rush and at the same time feel nervous and anxious that anything can happen anytime.”

Donald King is a soldier in Iraq who is from my town of Cedar Grove, New Jersey. He joined the army when he was eighteen years old because he had no clue what to do with his life. He also joined the army because he wanted to do something different in his life. He was deployed to Iraq in late January of 2004 and is presently stationed in Kuwait.

The soldiers in Iraq are doing a great thing for the USA. Even though they know their lives are at risk, they still continue serving our country. Each day they worry about their families and friends and if they will ever see them again. They are scared sometimes because they do not know where they are actually going.

The soldiers in Iraq are heroes to me because they show me what it means to be a good citizen. Also, they keep the USA in good hands. They show bravery, are good citizens, hard workers, selfless, and helpful to others. These are reasons the soldiers in Iraq are my heroes.

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