Sonu Sood

by Saksham Mehn from New Delhi in India

144021Sonu SoodBollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

Sonu Sood is not only a hero on the screens but is a real hero in this coronavirus pandemic. 

Born on July 30,1973 in Moga (Punjab), he is a popular actor and has acted in number of Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films.

He is an actor, model and film producer. He had received number of awards, but the most important award is ‘SDG special Humanitarian Action Award‘ by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for his humanitarian works during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has been in the news for many months since lockdown started. He helped many migrants in sending them to their homes by train, bus or plane. He has been in the headlines for that and takes it to another level now, like giving them jobs. 

He has started an online platform, ‘Pravasi Rojgar,' with his friends. He is tied up with many schools, companies etc. This was a time of unemployment. People were losing jobs. It was important as people were feeling unsafe in this difficult time, and he made them feel secure by providing them with jobs. He feels in our country there are unskilled laborers. He makes them skilled by training, counseling and giving them placements. His target is to give platform to labor and spread positivity. According to him, the most important career is ‘Goodness.' There is no competition in this career. He promises that there will be good results. 

He also flagged off Sanjeevani Ki Gaadi from the Attari border in Punjab to increase awareness about the Covid-19 vaccination in 4831 villages, launched on World Health Day. He will also pen a book about his all experiences in Telengana, people in his temple also. 

As in movies, they say: lights, camera, action.

He is a hero who is acting all time for his nation.

I salute him from bottom of my heart for his great work. 


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