Ingrid Sthare

by Patrick from NY

Giving for the sake of others on 9-11

The dark hours of that Tuesday will forever be in my mind. The lives stolen by madmen and trhe way the city came about to help the others in need. September 11, 2001 the very date causes a chill now. It will also bring memory of people who stood up and sought out ways to help the people. This is not the tale of firemen or policemen. No this is the tale of an actress and writer. Now I know that many a actor did parade about the city and waved at the people as to say look at me am I so grand to be helping you little people. Not the case with my Ingrid I tell you. She did take up her pin and write a lovely and moving poem as the events were unfolding for us at the site. She gave the poem away to be used to raise money to support us in our darkest hours. Gave it away. Not a peep about how great she was or the wonderful thing she was doing just gave it away. Not a penny did she get for it but many a dollar was raised because of it. Money that was used to help people. Now my ingrid never sought out the media to cover this like so many others would have done. no, not my ingrid, she did it tohelp others not to help her career or to be on a talk show. Now years have past and her poem lives on and fills our hearts even today. Yes that is why Ingrid Sthare is a hero to me. She gave of herself and never asked for anything in return. An actress and writer and a grand writer indeed. But more than that she is. She is one who found a way to help brighten the dark days follwing that Tuesday. For that Ingrid, I am proud of you and thank you.

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excerpt from "Faces of a Nation" a poem by Ingrid Sthare.

...And Tomorrow, we will Rise
And bury our heads in history books,
which are not so inconsequential anymore
Whereas, once, we may have slept through history class,
resolve has awoken the sleeping giant, again

And every word uttered by our Nation's greatest heroes,
echoes in our heads
We now grasp their meaning
And new heroes emerge,
few words, but great actions

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