Our short film documenting our "SAVE THE EARTH SCHOOL FAIR"

Sultana Call to Action

Producer: Madeline Gillum

Madeline Gillum's 6th Grade Class at Sultana Elementary created this video through the MY HERO / iEarn Learning Circles!

We participated in the MY HERO Call to Action Learning Circle with classes from Mali, Togo, Pakistan, USA, Morocco and Moldova

My class worked in committees to complete their "Call to Action" activities, fair and short film.  They hosted an educational fair with the theme of "Save Our Earth".  They invited our local forest rangers, local City Recycling representatives, and our local water conservation group.  These are also the heroes they are honoring.  Each of these groups had a display to share their efforts with our community.  The students had booths and tables to educate and encourage our neighbors to take responsibility to preserve our resources.  The following are the things they created. You can check it out in our short film!

A play based on recycling.  We have 7 year old students that we mentor and they will also take part in the play as little RE Cy Cling bugs.  

  • A craft table for children using water bottles, used paper, etc.
  • An information table with student presentations and posters based on global problems such as the "trash island" in the Pacific Ocean and overfllowing landfills.  They are also focusing on clean up efforts for our local stream that feeds into our aquifer where we get our water.  We are also working with local water conservations scientists measuring the water quality of our mountain streams.  When the students saw the vandalism they were appalled.  I attached pictures where they said they could hear the trees and rocks crying. 
  • Our 7 year old little buddies created posters to encourage conserving water.
Class of Madeline Gillum
Credit: Madeline Gillum
Making our Short Film
Credit: Madeline Gillum
Water Samples
Credit: Madeline Gillum

Our Personal Heroes created for the MY HERO Global Middle School Learning Circle - Classes from Moldova, Iran, Ukraine, Taiwan & USA

Noe Moreno

By: Monique

Luz Campos

By: Constantino Delgado

James Hoang

By: Bryan Hoang

Sara Garcia

By: Jackie Roman


By: Cesar Valle

Cesar Chavez

By: Jonathan Flores


By: Evelyn


By: Amayrani

Evagenlina Rodriguez

By: America Osegueda

Isabel Guerrero

By: Abigail Guerrero

Jose Bruno

By: Alondra Bruno

Esther Garcia

By: Janet Garcia

Victor Ramos

By: Victor Ramos

Leonel Messi

By: Floriberto Marcelino


By: Matthew Corrales

Mario Almazan

By: Laura Campos

Rene Sierra

By: Rene Sierra

Jackie Preciado

By: John Preciado

Orlanda Garcia

By: Araceli Torres

Yolanda Casillas

By: Jennifer Ibarra

Amelia Earhart

By: Fatima Ramos

Paul Walker

By: Davian Moreno
Madeline Gillum's 6th Grade Class at Sultana Elementary created this video through the MY HERO / iEarn Learning Circles!
Sultana Call to Action
Credit: Madeline Gillum

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