Films for Family Viewing

Recommended for Families with Younger Children

Films for Family Viewing - Younger Childern
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Screen each of the following films with your family. After watching each film,  discuss the film’s content using the discussion questions below. 

How does this film relate to heroism?

Who is the hero or heroic organization in this film?

What is the issue raised in the film?

Does this film motivate you to take action about an issue?

Does the film elicit an emotional response?

Which was each person's favorite film?

The Ocean We Want To Know

By: Macgillivray Freeman Films
One World One Ocean's new animated video celebrates the wonders of the ocean with stunning facts about our connection to the planet's lifeline.

All the Way to the Ocean

By: Joel Harper

A story about two friends and their discovery of the relationship between our cities' storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers. (9:55 minutes run time)

Mouk - The Cloud Catcher

By: François Narboux and Millimages
Mouk and Chavapa are in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Part of a series produced by Millimages.

Mig Said Series: Lets be Friends

By: Pongo Kuo
Sometimes we all find friends in unlikely places.

The Chameleon's True Colors

By: Carolyn Downie
A colorful chameleon learns to be himself in a fun song that celebrates diversity, individuality and friendship.

Fear of Flying

By: Ernie Berger
A young bird and a sea turtle share madcap misadventures in a coming-of-age "buddy" story.

The Plastic Perils of The Pacific

By: Brandon & Carlene Strathmann
Pollution is not a species-specific problem.
You are Special Short Film Link
Credit: Produced by: Sherryn Sim

MABON ‘The 8 year old activist’

By: Jack Davies

Our world has a serious ocean plastics problem. There are now a higher number of plastics in the ocean than the number of fish. (4:39 minutes run time)

Plastic Plague

By: Jody Lemmon

Plastic pollution is threatening the ocean's ecosystems, but we can work together to prevent further damage!

The Last Straw

By: Produced by: Lynne Cherry

Milo Cress is concerned about the millions of straws that pollute waterways, waste fossil-fuel resource and harm ocean creatures. He convinces restaurants to “go straw-free.” 


By: James Wheless
An uplifting story of how one puppy overcomes a series of obstacles to find his purpose in life.

Super Ruby

By: Dean Saffron
This piece pays homage to the power of positivity generated by Ruby, a young sporting champion who endeavours to lead her best life everday.


By: Amaru Zeas-Sigüenza
Picchu is a story that follows the journey of an Andean girl named Mayu and the unconditional support of her mother.

The Wangari Maathai Story

By: Dave Puls
A short doc that shares some of Wangarĩ Maathai's life story.


By: Philip Rom
(PLASTIK) follows a child who looks through a telescope she made out of a plastic bottle and experiences glimpses of our plastic-polluted future.


By: Anthony Ochieng Onyango
Matumbawe is a story about Khadija the daughter of Dosa Mshega a REEF Ranger who works restoring the coral reefs in the Wasini Channel area in Diani, Kenya.

If You Give a Beach a Bottle

By: Max Romey
Inspired by a picture book, Max Romey heads to a remote beach on Alaska's coastline in search of marine debris

Illegitimate Voice

Stefie Gan recounts her experiences with culture shock, racism, and activism after moving from Malaysia to the United States.

Take it One Step Further: After watching and discussing the films, consider the following criteria for judging each film. Feel free to rewatch films and discuss after each one.


Originality - Is this film an original idea or concept? Is the theme or point of view unique compared to other films?

Creativity - Did the filmmaker use creative approaches to storytelling? How creative is the camerawork, sound & editing? Emotional Effectiveness - Were you deeply moved emotionally? Did you feel connected to the story? Are you motivated to take action?

Directing - How well is the overall film put together? Is the story cohesive? Is there a clear beginning, middle and end? Do you sense a unique voice in the director’s style?

Technical Quality - (Editing, Camerawork, Sound) Evaluate the technical quality of the picture, sound, and editing.

Picture - Is the camerawork steady, in focus, and framed interestingly? Rate the quality of the image - Is it stunning? captivating? breathtaking?

Sound - Is the sound quality clear, and easy to hear, is the dialogue distinguishable? Does the use of music move the story along or does it distract from the narrative?

Editing - Does the pace of the editing work with the story? Were you ever bored? Does it seem as if the film needs more editing - is it too long? Does the editing rhythm leave you feeling satisfied and connected to the theme of the story?

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