by Ragaventhini, the lucky owner of a dog named Surya

A hero is never put out when asked to pick up dropped objects. A hero is courageous, stands up for people and will protect them. A hero is trustworthy and loves and cares for everybody, no matter what happens to him.

My hero is my dog, Surya. Even though he is a dog, we consider him a member of our family. Surya is a family hero who always helps us through hard times. Before he came into my life, I was lonely and sad. I did not have many friends. I had to talk to myself as I had nobody at home to talk to. My parents needed to go to work so I had nobody to tell my problems to. Once Surya came into my life, my life brightened up. Now I am more cheerful and happy. When I am sad, I will tell Surya about my problems and I will feel much better. We adopted him from the S.P.C.A. His first owner tortured him and the S.P.C.A rescued him from the atrocious owner. At first he was cautious and did not trust people. But later on, he trusted those people who believed in him.

Surya is a tough guy. He is cautious and independent. Sometimes he comes to us to attract attention. Surya is very courageous. He is always determined to plug on. Another thing is when you are feeling unhappy or hurt, he will come up to you and stay with you to comfort you. Surya is like a rambutan. Outside he looks rough, but on the inside he is soft as velvet.

Surya stands up for people he believes in. Surya changed my life. In the past I usually was lonely and scared. I did not have many friends and when Surya came, my life totally changed! Now I am feeling lucky that Surya came into my life. No matter what happens, he is always in my heart and he is one of our family members forever. I love him truly. He has played a very meaningful part in my life. I am fortunate to have such a dear dog like him.

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