Susan B. Anthony

by Samantha C. from United States

Susan B. Anthony


As Susan B. Anthony once said, “Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less”.  Susan B. Anthony is a hero to all the people in the world. She has had many accomplishments during her lifetime because of what happened during her background. Living in the 1800’s was much different than where we are today.  

130162Susan B. AnthonyWikimedia CommonsAnthony's background was very interesting!  Susan was born on February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts.  She had six brothers and sisters, can you imagine? Since her dad didn’t want Susan to go to school, she was homeschooled for her childhood.  Susan was very smart and learned to read and write by the age of three! When she was older, her dad lost almost everything when the economy fell apart in 1837.  Susan started working as a teacher at 17 to help her dad’s loss. But it did not take her long to realize that she only got one-fourth of the payment than men. She was outraged.  Anthony started to write newspapers and argue with the government about women's rights. In the November 1872 election, Susan voted, which was illegal at the time. She was fined and Susan refused to pay it.   Soon, other women became inspired by Anthony’s act. This is how the revolution came.

With this, her accomplishments increased by a lot.  With people participating in the protest, Susan formed the National Woman's Suffrage Association in 1869.  She spent the next thirty-seven years working hard for women's rights. Some of her siblings also helped! Sadly, she passed away on March 13, 1906.  Even though she died, 14 years after her death, women finally got the rights they deserved. For her great deeds, Susan made it on to the One-Dollar Coin and in the Hall of Great Americans.  

Susan B. Anthony is definitely a hero.  She worked with pride and effort. Without her in the world, women could still not have their rights.  Susan B. Anthony never gave up. Her great deeds help the world in many different ways through her background.  She is strong and bold. Next time you go to vote, think about who got you your right to vote.





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