Sustainable Development Goal #6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensuring Clean Water and Sanitation for All

UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Credit: UN


Use the following curated resources from MY HERO to learn more about UN Sustainable Development Goal #6: ensuring clean water and sanitation for all. 

Discussion questions and activities for classroom use are included.


Waves for Water: Jon Rose

Jon Rose

By: David Kelly

Jon Rose founded Waves for Water, which works on the front-line to provide clean water.

Waves for Water

Produced by:Aaron Flynn & HURLEY

Waves for Water's mission is to get access to clean water to those in need around the world.

Jon Rose - Humanitarian Hero

Produced by: Tom Aiello of HURLEY International

Humanitarian Jon Rose brings clean water to the people of Haiti.

Films: Importance of Clean Water to Communities and Individuals

Water Crisis in Our Community

Produced by:Abdulai Bangura

Filmed in Sierra Leone by the students from the Children's Foundation of Technology. Find out about their access to water. 


Produced by:Paul Lazarus

SlingShot is the story of inventor Dean Kamen, his water purification technology, and his innovative approach to the safe water crisis.

Every Drop Counts

Produced by:Actuality Media

Cada Gota Cuenta gives insight to how detrimental the contaminated water in Guatemala can be, and the invention of Ecofiltro. In English and Spanish. 

Running for Water

Produced by:Polly Green

Jin Zedell started a worldwide movement for runners to raise funds for clean drinking water.

Josue and Chrismedonne Lajeunesse

By: David Kelly

Josue and Chrismedonne Lajeunesse work together to provide access to clean water for their village of La Source, Haiti.

La Source [Trailer]

Produced by:Patrick Shen

Film of Josue and Chrismedonne Lajeunesse's efforts to provide access to clean water for their village of La Source, Haiti.


Discussion Questions and Activities

1. What impact do groups like Waves for Water, as well as inventions such as the Slingshot and Ecofiltro, have on communities with limited access to clean water supplies?

2.  Watch the film Water Crisis in our Community about how students in Sierra Leone get water. How is this different from your access to water? 

3. Read the story Josue and Chrismedonne Lajeunesse and watch the film La Source about the two brothers working to provide clean water access to their village in Haiti. Then discuss the importance of their efforts. 

4. Research where there is limited access to clean water and sanitation services. What groups or individuals are working towards a solution to this issue? Who do you admire? Share their story with MY HERO.



Laura Nietzer

This lesson plan was created by MY HERO Teacher and Learning Circle Director Laura Nietzer.

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