Sydney Gregory

by Paige from Dublin

A hero is kind, gentle, loyal, intelligent, helpful, maybe did something special, patient, and someone who makes a difference. There are many different qualities of a hero. Some peoples hero’s are rock stars, some are family or friends. But my hero is none of those, well she kind of is. It’s my dog!!!

When I got my dog, Sydney, I was 5 years old. She was born February 24, 1998. Sydney is a 6 year old Golden Retriever. We found out about the breeder from my parents friends. We went to there house to look at all the puppies. There was a bunch! But there was one that just stood out, that was Sydney. We wanted to remember which one we were going to get (because they all looked a lot the same) so we painted her nails blue! My parents friends got a puppy too, so Sydney can still play with family! Sydney is very helpful. When ever I’m sad I go onto the floor. Sydney comes over to me and puts my hand on top of her snout and nudges me to get me up. She opens the doors for us if they are already open a snug. When she knows I’m glum she just lays right next to me. She’s the best I could ever ask for!!

She did one thing, she saved my sister from falling! She is no guide dog or anything else. I never knew she was smart enough, but she was. My little sister, 3, went over by the steps and lay there, she was on her side ready to fall over, but Sydney put herself between her and the steps. We woke up and there my little sister almost on top of Sydney, I have always called it a miracle.

Sydney is very patient. She never gets mad!!!! Even if my little sister is sitting on her and pulling her hair, she just sits there and lets her do it. She tortures her. I don't see how she can just let her do it. I know I wouldn’t do that!! She's is so patient, it is amazing!!

Sydney is a dog that makes a difference in every ones life, especially me! If i didn't have Sydney my life wouldn’t be the same. She always can cheer me up! When ever I don’t want any one to talk to me, Sydney comes over and just lays there by me. She’s magical, she knows everything it seems like! She follows me were ever I go. Sometimes she walks me to the bus stop and when I go, she just walks herself right back to ourselves! She also is very intelligent. She knows the rules as my dad says!! She always obeys us! Sydney never will break the rules, like biting, she never has, even when she was a puppy. I have two favorite tricks of hers. The first one is when she hugs me. The second one is when I put a treat on her nose and she flings it up in the air and she catches it! It’s awesome! Sydney is the best dog I could ever wish for! I couldn’t ask for more. She’s just like my baby. Even if she is 42 years old in dog years! I love her, and I always will! I’m proud to say, Sydney is my dog!

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