Sylvia Earle

Learn more about Sylvia Earle, a legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, activist and author.

Credit: Mission Blue - Kip Evans

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Watch Films about Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle is known as "Her Deepness" and is a profound leader in the movement for Ocean Conservation! Enjoy these tribute videos that include an original song, student made videos and professional.

My Blue Heart

Produced by:MY HERO
Whitney Winefordner and Larsen McCarroll perform original song in honor of Sylvia Earle.

A Tribute to Sylvia Earle

Producer: One World One Ocean

A tribute to oceanographer Sylvia Earle from One World One Ocean.

Our Oceans Narrated by Sylvia Earle

Producer: Jo Priest
A film about the importance of protecting the blue heart of our planet; our oceans.

The View Through My Mask

Produced by:Richard Morris
Experience the Ocean through the mask of Dr. Sylvia Earle


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Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

By: Sofia Garcia
Sylvia Earle is a noted marine biographer and explorer.

Sylvia Earle

By: Edward Ortiz

Earle is a tireless advocate for marine conservation and for fostering public awareness of the perils to ocean ecosystems caused by overfishing and pollution. [This story is also available in Spanish and French.]

Sylvia Earle

By: Daniel from San Diego
Sylvia Earle shows us the ocean's fate can be controlled, whether we make the decision to stop abusing its waters and let the ocean make a recovery.

Artwork Celebrating Sylvia Earle and Ocean Conservation

Sylvia Earle

By: Ben Macedo

Ben Macedo for Art Miles Mural Project,  a My Hero partner, paints a tribute to Sylvia Earle for the HERO MILE

Know Your Seafood- Sustainable fish choices

By: One World One Ocean

Sustainable seafood choices in a poster published by One World One Ocean to foster Sylvia Earle's ocean conservation goals

The Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award

The Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award - Sponsored by MacGillivray Freeman's One World One Ocean

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Sylvia Earle Ocean Award 2024
Credit: MY HERO
My Hero Calendar - 365 Days of Heroes revised
Credit: MH

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