Terry Brooks

by Allen from Joplin

Terry Brooks is a very good writer. He can take you to places that you only dream of.

I think he is a good writer because his books can make you feel joy, sadness, and glad to be reading his books. His books are of mystery, magic, secrets, and fantasy.

I think his books are good because of the way he brings you into the book as if you are one of the characters or one of the characters frinds or a ralitve of the character. The way he brings you into the story is by the excitement he writes about the character has on his advangter through unknown lands.

The way he writes his books make them fun to read and to realy get into them becuaes of the way he writes. His books are long and dry in some places but he make up for that with long peices of action and drama happening to the characters in the story.

Terry Brooks is a good writer because of the way he writes his books and the way he takes you to places of your emagenation and dreams.

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