Tim Meyer

by Isac from Anchorage

Tim is a hero in my eyes because he is very smart and knows a lot about snowmobiles and computers. He always puts in time to help out when he can. Tim is always there when I need help.

Tim can carry on a coversation with people and not interupt. Tim can be very argumenitive but I am too so conversations can go on for a very long time. Tim's convesations are usually very interesting as he has a lot of knowledge about different things and likes to talk! (I like to talk a lot so we have a lot in common.) Tim will always take time to explain things to me.

Tim knows a lot about snowmobiles and I like to find out what there is on a snowmobile. Tim can also get mad if you don't listen and do somthing wrong but afterwards always seems to be fine. He has shown me a lot of things. Tim always takes time to show me how to get things on the snowmobile to work. Tim will always help me out if I get stuck on the trail or my machine stops and pushes me to get it done.

Timothy L. Meyer Is 50 years old and works for customs downtown. Tim lives with us but is not my step dad yet and might be later on in life. Tim is a cool guy and is very nice. Tim is a very happy person once you get to know him. Tim has had lots of expirence with computers and knows a lot.

Tim is a graet hero because he can always make you laugh. Tim will always be there to help. Tim will always try to explain even if it's hard he won't give up.

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