Teachers Heroes

Tom Newhard

by Kim from Center Valley

Definition of a hero: To me a hero is a living thing that you look up to and respect. It shouldn't be someone that you hate because why would that person be a hero to you if you don't like them! My hero is my fourth grade teacher Mr. Newhard. The reason he is my hero is because he pushed me to do my best and try my hardest at whatever I am doing!

He was one of my favorite elementary teachers. He would always give you a good laugh when you need one. You could start him up talking about something and he would get sidetracked from what he was doing and start talking about something When the class was almost over he got back on track and then the subject was over. That was funny!

Another reason he is my hero is because he pushed me to try my hardest. To use my determination and do my best in everything I do! That determination has stayed with me thorough out fifth grade and through my years at the Middle School!

One, day this kid stole my pencil that came all the way from Singapore! It was very important to me. He took that pencil claming that I stole his pencil! I knew that I didn't! Mr. Newhard said that every person in the room was to empty their desks. It ended up being in someone else’s desk and that really was that kid's pencil! So I got that pencil back from that kid and made sure that the top, witch that kid was threatening to break off, was fully on! That was one thing that made him a hero in my eyes!

There are other things that made him seem like a hero! Put if I put them all down this story wouldn't even fit on this page! My hero is my fourth grade teacher Mr. Newhard, who helped me to achieve my high grades! His advice will stay with me for the rest of my life! My hero Mr. Newhard!

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