Thomas Alva Edison

by Jason from Montvale

Thomas Alva Edison was one of histories greatest scientists. Thomas alva Edsion was born in Milan,Ohio in 1847. He started experementing at a young age. At around the age of four he experemented with a chicken. He took three eggs out of the hen house, made a straw pile. He placed the eggs in the straw pile and them sat on them and tried to make them hatch. Of cource the eggs broke and got all over his pants. When he got a little older he experemented with fire and burned down his father's barn. It was a sign that Thomas Alva Edison was curious.

From a young age he set up his own labratory where he experemented with heating certain chemicals in a flask. His first job was at the age of twelve where he took the job of train-boy at Grand Central Station. He had his laboratory in an empty boxcar. One day the Station master's son fell infront of a train and Edsion pushed him out of the way. As a reward fro Edison's bravery the station master had one of the station agents show Thomas the codes and procedures of the telegraph. One of Edison's frist invention we a better transmiter and reciever for the telegraph

THe Stock quote tiker was Edsion's first major invention.It was an invention that kept track of the stocks numbers on a costant basis.He was paid $40,000 for the invention. With that money he set up a labratory in Newark, New Jersey. Later He moved his labratory to Westorange, New jersey. That is Edsion spet most of his time and invented most of his inventions. The labratory was in a part of Westorange called Menlo Park and that is where he got the nickname " The Wizard of Menlo Park.

Edison has invented more inventions than anyone in history. The amount remains unbroken at 1,093 invention. That is the most invented ever by a single person. One of his most well know invention are the electric light,phonograph,stock tiker,and the motion picture camera.

Thomas Alva Esion died in his home in 1931. He devoted his life to making the world easier to live in. His inventions are very helpful and still used today. Edsion is known as one of history's greatest invention and the the credit is well deserved.

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