Thomas Alva Edison

by Ryku from Dominarea

Thomas A. Edison was born on February 11 1847 and died October 18 1931. Edison's parents were Samuel and Nancy Edison. He was a very curious boy around the age of five and liked to do lots of experiments. One time when he was experimenting with fire he accidentally burnt it down.

When he was around the age 15 he learned how to use a telegraph and he got a job in Canada as a telegraph operator in Canada. He had to send a message every half hour and that got really boring. After a while he completely dedicated his life to his inventions.

He invented a lot of thing that we couldn't live without. One of the most important ones was the light bulb. another one was the phonograph a box that could play and record sounds. He also invented the movie camera. During his life, he had two wives. One's name was Marien and the other was Nancy.

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