Taylor Swift

by Zora Sedlacek from Pristina

To be a hero here the qualities you need are kindness, forgiveness, and courage. For example, you need kindness because when you are kind to someone else, they will be kind to you like the golden rule. The second one is forgiveness. Forgiveness is an excellent quality because when someone or something makes a mistake you can forgive them. Finally, courage helps us move forward and gives us the bravery and determination to overcome our fears. That is why you need these hero qualities 

Taylor Swift is an incredibly famous award-winning singer who is 34 years old. She donates a lot of money to charity so people without money can have money. She was the first country singer to get a singing contract, now she is a singing sensation. She is the most popular artist and that is why she earns a lot of money. 

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989. She was raised in Nashville TN. When Taylor Swift was 12, she got her first guitar. In Nashville, Taylor started working with experienced songwriters like Liz Rose. Every day after school they would have writing sessions. When Taylor was getting older, she started playing in bars and cafes. In 2006, she released her first album, Taylor Swift, and in 2007 she was nominated for the Grammy and TV Award. In 2014, Taylor recorded her first pop album. Now Taylor Swift just finished her  L. A Eras tour! 

Taylor Swift is not just a perfect singer she had challenges to overcome too. For example, Taylor was bullied because of her hair and treated like an outcast because her dream was to become a country singer. And that is not as bad as Kanye West publicly saying Taylor does not deserve this award Beyoncé does! Taylor Swift was also bullied by a group of popular girls because she was not cool enough and that inspired her to write more songs like Never Getting Back Together. When Taylor had her live concert, the same girls came because they were jealous and asked her to sign their CD's and shirts. That is why Taylor is an inspiration and forgiving.  

Taylor Swift is my hero because she has many qualities, for example, kindness, forgiveness, and courage. You need these qualities to be someone like her. For example, courage. You need courage to stand in front of 4.35 million people (about twice the population of New Mexico). That's why Taylor Swift is my hero. 

Taylor Swift: Country Pop Hit Maker. Robin Nelson. 

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