Taylor swift

by Alexandra from Pristina

What is a hero you may be wondering? Well, for me a hero needs three qualities and those are.... kindness, courage, and honesty. For me, the most important quality is... kindness! The reason for this is because if you do not have kindness, you will not want to help and if you do not help you are not really a hero. I also think courage is important because a lot of the time, what a hero is doing is risking their life or reputation. Honesty is also important because people can trust you and relate to you. 

Now you might be wondering who my hero is? Well, mine is Taylor Swift. Who is this “Taylor Swift” you may be wondering. Well, I think she is the best singer to ever walk the planet and here are three reasons why I LOVE her. The first reason I LOVE her is because girls all around the world love her and look up to her and her confidence. The second reason is when she was younger, she got bullied which inspired some of her greatest songs and it also makes her relatable. The last reason is she is extremely popular, which means she can make an extremely significant impact on the world. 

Now let us talk about her life. In school she was bullied a lot because of her curly hair and her dream of becoming a country singer. Boy did she prove them wrong because in 2006 she released her first album “Taylor Swift" which was in fact country. It was a huge hit and millions of people loved it! After that, she made “Fearless", "Speak Now” and “Red". Then in 2014, she made her first pop album called 1989, when she was born, and it was also themed on 1980s pop music. Then she made “Reputation,” “Lover,” “Folklore,” and “Evermore” which were also pop. Now Taylor is re-recording ALL her albums, but we will get to that later. She also may get engaged this summer to a person called Travis Kelce. She is still a rising star. 

In 2006 Taylor got an MTV Music Video Award but, in the middle of her speech, she was interrupted by Kanye West. This was because he thought Beyoncé deserved the award NOT Taylor. After that Beyoncé got to keep the award even though Taylor deserved it. Both Taylor and Beyoncé were embarrassed. After that incident, it made Taylor stronger and that is when she became a role model. 

Now let us go back in time to when she started her career. When she was 16, she signed with a record deals company. But she was unaware that they were scamming her because whenever someone bought HER MUSIC the company would get the money NOT Taylor. Over the years she got many devoted fans (like me) so one day she decided to make a stand and re-record ALL her albums and make them “Taylor's version.” She overcame this challenge brilliantly which shows you can overcome challenges too.

Taylor Swift has all the qualities of a hero. First, she demonstrates kindness every day by being kind to her fans. Second, she shows courage by turning negative things into positive things. Lastly, she shows honesty whenever she writes a song about her life (which is most of her songs). That is why Taylor Swift is an amazing person and my hero.

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