Performing Artist

Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga

by Daniela Iaconi from Chișinău in Moldova

  I choose 2 known women as my heroes: Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

  Maybe a lot of people will wonder "Why them?",well first of all they do what they love in life.Second of all they are not shy to show who they are and both women went thru some enormous challenges:haters,sexual violence,jealousy from people every time they rose stronger like a '90s trend.They put all of that trauma,emotions in their work.They learned with time how to stop listening to everyone who are trying to get them down and just do art.Also they show the world that being kind is always the best.

  They showed me I shouldn't be afraid to express myself,that if I put my mind on something and work hard - it will happen and every obstacle is meant to make us stronger,and don't forget:Treat people with kindness.

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